Kenneth Pettine Is Helping Produce New Therapies To Get Rid Of Cancer

It's finally happening. After years of being told that stem cells would be the future of medicine, you recently saw an advertisement for stem cell treatments at a doctor's office in your neighborhood. That's funny, weren't stem cells supposed to be used to treat cancer and help aid organ transplants? Instead, currently the most popular place for stem cell treatments aren't at cancer centers, but local clinics.

These stem cell treatments promise that your knees will feel like they did when you were twenty and that you'll get increased flexibility but are these treatments safe and effective. Let's learn more about stem cell treatments including where they're at and the doctors that are pushing research forward.

Stem cell treatments are currently available in the United States right now, though their safety and efficacy should be of a concern. Most of the stem cell treatments currently found focus on treating issues like bad knees or bad backs through the miraculous use of healing stem cells. Unfortunately, there's plenty of misinformation when it comes to stem cells, even for doctors. Most stem cell treatments you can currently find have no FDA backing and no clinical trials to prove their safety of effectiveness. Its not likely that you'll experience much harm from one of these types of stem cell treatments, but you'll fork over plenty of money for a treatment that won't do much of anything. If you're seeking stem cell therapy look for treatments that are FDA-approved and are performed by doctors that have years of experience and knowledge when it comes to stem cells and their practical uses.

Where Stem Cell Research Is

Using stem cells to treat orthopedic conditions is ongoing and doctors like Kenneth Pettine, founder of the Orthopedic Stem Cell Institute, are making certain that stem cells will be safe, effective, and practical when it website comes to treating different orthopedic issues. Pettine and his team recently completed a full three-year study that showed positive results in using mesenchymal stem cells to treat chronic degenerative conditions.

It may be months and even years before Kenneth Pettine's FDA-approved results are formulated into use for a doctor's office in your neighborhood so take care when scheduling any stem cell therapies. Be certain the doctor is reputable, the procedure makes sense, and that the procedure is safe.

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